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"Delta Star" AD

  • "Delta Star" AD is a joint-stock company and is managed by a Board of Directors, which is the main governing body and the Executive Director.
  • "The company works actively in the field of electrical installation activities and engineering. Basic segments, in which we carry out these activities are Energy and Industry.
  • The main areas of our activity are:: design, project management, engineering, maintenance of industrial sites and electrical installation activities are services with high added value.
  • The company was founded in 2007 year by a group of enthusiasts with valuable experience, for which the main purpose is to create a company, which will benefit society, its employees, prospective and current customers. Rapid development and high achievements have been proven in a time of economic stagnation, thanks to the team principle of work. The main investments are aimed at developing and strengthening the professional skills and competence of each employee.
  • The vision for our development is to offer a wide range of services, betting on quality and innovation, professional competence, responsible and loyal attitude towards our customers, employees and partners.
  • Our mission is to provide high quality and efficiency, related to saving time and financial resources for the benefit of our customers and partners.
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Emilian Marinov


  • In 2001. joined "Energoengineering" EOOD as an electrician
  • In 2007. participated in the establishment of "Delta Star" JSC and since 2015, until now he is the executive director
  • He holds the following positions:
  • CEO
  • Project manager
  • Designer of electrical equipment
  • 2008Mr. - Master's degree in Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Installation
  • 2011Mr. - master's degree in Business Administration
  • Full design license
  • Financial analysis and management of energy investment projects
  • Energy management systems, data and information processing
  • Current regulations and interaction between entities of energy facilities

Stanislav Boev

Administrative and technical director

  • Through the city. June 2001. founded "Energoengineering" EOOD
  • Through the city. June 2007. is one of the founders of "Delta Star" AD
    Combines the duties of:
  • Director of Technical Affairs
  • Head of administrative activities
  • Project manager
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 1983Mr. – TET "M.V. Lomonosov" specialty "Electrical networks and power plants"
  • 1990Mr. – VMEI Gabrovo specialty: "Electronic systems for the control of industrial mechanisms, machines and processes"
  • Full design license
  • Financial market analyst
  • Organization and maintenance of information and computer systems

Kiril Gelovski

Construction and maintenance of electrical equipment

  • In 2002. joined "Energoengineering" EOOD as an electrician
  • In 2007. participated in the establishment of "Delta Star" JSC
  • It combines the following activities:
  • Service manager
  • Head of construction and construction of new objects and facilities
  • Manager of service bases
  • Head of transport and mechanization
  • Access control and video surveillance systems
  • Authority for control and testing of electrical safety equipment parameters
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Automation of ventilation systems
  • Smart home systems
  • Supply and stock control

Stanimir Kosev

Engineering and subscription service

  • In 2001. joined "Energoengineering" EOOD as an "Electrical equipment for industrial enterprises" engineer.
  • In 2007. participated in the establishment of "Delta Star" JSC.
  • It combines the following activities:
  • Head of the working group for subscription services at "Ideal Standard Vidima" JSC; working on the territory of the. city. Sevlievo and village. Bra
  • Head of the overall activity in servicing the electrical equipment of "Ideal Standard Vidima" JSC;
  • Designer of electrical equipment;
  • Head of activities for the construction of new electrical facilities.

1995Mr. - Gabrovo Technical University Master's degree in "Electrical Supply and Electrical Equipment".

  • Designer of electrical installations with full design legal capacity.
  • Authority for control and testing of electrical safety parameters of electrical equipment