"Delta Star" AD

The company is structured as a joint stock company, with a collective management body – Board of Directors. Its participants distribute among themselves the responsibilities related to management, ensuring complete interchangeability of their duties.
The share capital is distributed among the founders of the company, who actively participate in the process of its management.
There is an opportunity to expand the volume and types of activities, which the company performs, through partnership with companies having similar and complementary activities, as well as by restructuring and increasing shareholders and share capital.
Unlike other companies with similar activities, "Delta Star" JSC has a share capital of 700 000BGN, which actually owns and actively manages. It significantly exceeds the minimum requirements, which fully satisfies the requirements of its customers for the provision of real guarantees. The responsibilities that the company assumes, are consistent with its share capital and insurance coverage for the relevant risks, as the guarantee fund is directly managed by the shareholders.

The activities that the company manages and performs are divided into several structural units:
• Construction and maintenance of energy facilities and equipment – ​​Activities are carried out by several working groups, some of which are permanently based at the production sites of the respective customers;
• Design of energy facilities, expert analysis and technical consultations;
• Delivery and commercial consulting of energy equipment and facilities;
• Planning, management and financing of activities and resources and projects;
• Control body:
• Coordinating activities and preparation of documentation:
• Research and development.
From 2011 Mr. the company does not participate in public procurement and works mainly with private investors and clients.
The company does not participate as a subcontractor to companies registered with small or insufficient capital for the implementation of the relevant projects.